We All Believe in You (WABIY) is a mental health peer support community run and by and for individuals who are on a recovery journey from mental illness. We believe in connection, understanding and hope as essential tools for wellness. WABIY serves to put a face to a typically faceless struggle as many live in the shame and anonymity of their disease. It is the goal of WABIY to use art, honesty, education, and community to abolish pre-existing ideas and beliefs surrounding mental illness. Above all, we exist for those struggling with mental illness to know that they are not alone and that we all believe in them. 

If you or someone you love is in danger of self-harm or suicide, please call 911, call you nearest distress line, or proceed to the closest emergency room.

In Edmonton, you can contact the Addictions and Mental Health Urgent Services line at 780-424-2424

We All Believe in You is not an emergency service and is not a replacement for therapeutic and medical intervention. But please know that you are loved and that we all believe in you